Student Illustration Portfolio

A selection of my student portfolio from SCAD Illustration and Sequential Art from as far back as 2012. Nowadays I use far faster and more effective techniques, but I like to show my progress.

Though I did have fun figuring out how to print on watercolor paper.


The Sound of Snow

An early illustration assignment to visually conceptualize a sound. I remembered the hushed crunch of snow while walking the dog at night in New England. I’d close my eyes, and try to get home by sound alone. After crossing the road, of course.

That’s Jacket, my inner child.

Caran D’Ache watercolor and colored pencils on printed bristol


Comfort Zone

Some girl with weird hair sits in a chair. I own that chair, I own that bass guitar (though it isn’t green) Socks would get soggy in water, so leg warmers mean you keep your legs warm and your toes cool.