Narratives are messages in bottles: the message needs to be an evocative call to action, but the carrier needs to be sound and solid. The ideal editor serves as the gentle currents to connect creator and audience.

My philosophy on editing

As a Freshman at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I uncovered a deep fascination with book production and analysis. My favorite classes were critique days, when I almost always sat in front of the board, trying to give everyone a comment or opportunity for improvement

After graduation, I began independent studies of InDesign, and offered my knowledge and skills to several charity fanzines. As formatter, I managed security and theft protection, and designed the files with attribution in mind.

I have several plans for running self-made ‘zine projects, but wish to wait for the opportune time and place to do so to ensure their success. Seriously, ask me about the history of IndiZine.

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