2020 Q3 Update


UPDATE: This website will no longer be updated. Updates will continue at the new website expressosloth.com

If you’re seeing this message, I’m in the process or remaking this website and rebranding. I’ve had a lot of personal changes I won’t get into now. J-STYX isn’t as good as a url as other options available. It’s hard to say, and I get a lot of traffic of people looking for a tree farm in China. I’ll update this post with the new links and branding (or maybe a whole new website) by the end of August.

In the mean time, I am aware some links in the gallery appear broken, or some text boxes have placeholder text. I’ve decided it’s better to migrate to a new website/brand, but this is staying up for a little longer.

Here are some things I am working on currently:

  • A light supernatural novella about a writing graduate who fails her final classes, and invokes a ghost to serve as a muse when she gets one last chance to pass and get her degree
  • Assisting and moderating a digital zine about asexuality.
  • Developing rules and structure for a chat community centered around asexual and ace spectrum creators
  • Rebranding an anthology about art school experiences
  • Reworking another previous publishing project to be larger in scope.
  • About 5 speedpaint/tutorial videos, 3 workshops, and other small projects on my Patreon

If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s keep busy.

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