2020 Quarter 1 Roadmap- Full Steam Ahead

Let’s Keep this Shorter than Before
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Goal 1 – Make a monthly sketchbook for drawing challenges (without getting sued)

I work in InDesign all the time, but want to work more on making booklets and bigger projects. So my goal is to make a sellable and printable sketchbook for artists to stay more on track with monthly drawing challenges. It can be filled out digitally, and printed into two booklets and stitched together. Maybe I’ll make and sell some, but maybe it will be print-your own?

So far we have January’s Costumes and Outfits, perfect for getting out of the Jeans-and-a-T-shirt rut. February is all about flowers, with lots of favorites, and a few uncommon but easy-to-learn prompts. March, to go with March of Robots, is all about Machinery!

Each book is designed like this: the first page is divided into four blocks. The first block is for thumbnails, and there’s room for 16 of them if, so you can noodle around til you get a couple good poses and compositions. The other 3 sections are for taking your best idea and mkaing 3 to-scale comps. The facing page is the safety area, with a square grid on the inside for keeping instagram porportions and thumbnails in mind.

Goal 2 – Make a Typography (or content update) every 7 days

I have this bad habit of staying under the radar, and not sharing my work. So why not make a dedicated deadline to share stuff? Every 7 days, (the 7th, the 14th, the 21st, and the 28th) I’ll release something new like a sketch or typography. Just something small to keep the ball rolling. I’ve always wanted to make a schedule based on the multiples of 7, seems a little more unique than updates on tuesday or friday. But maybe it’ll mess with traffic too much tho?

Goal 3 – Make a sellable product like a HQ phone wallpaper every 7 days

Another thing I want to try is at the end of the month releasing 4 phone wallpapers that are available for purchase by donating to my Ko-Fi (For 3$), and individual ones on Gumroad or Etsy (for 1.50$ each). Just a way to keep things rolling by having a sellable each month.

So that’s it for now! I’ll b reorganizing my gallery to make more sense soon, cause now it’s too messy for my tastes. See you in April!

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