2020 Q3 Update


UPDATE: This website will no longer be updated. Updates will continue at the new website expressosloth.com

If you’re seeing this message, I’m in the process or remaking this website and rebranding. I’ve had a lot of personal changes I won’t get into now. J-STYX isn’t as good as a url as other options available. It’s hard to say, and I get a lot of traffic of people looking for a tree farm in China. I’ll update this post with the new links and branding (or maybe a whole new website) by the end of August.

In the mean time, I am aware some links in the gallery appear broken, or some text boxes have placeholder text. I’ve decided it’s better to migrate to a new website/brand, but this is staying up for a little longer.

Here are some things I am working on currently:

  • A light supernatural novella about a writing graduate who fails her final classes, and invokes a ghost to serve as a muse when she gets one last chance to pass and get her degree
  • Assisting and moderating a digital zine about asexuality.
  • Developing rules and structure for a chat community centered around asexual and ace spectrum creators
  • Rebranding an anthology about art school experiences
  • Reworking another previous publishing project to be larger in scope.
  • About 5 speedpaint/tutorial videos, 3 workshops, and other small projects on my Patreon

If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s keep busy.

2020 Quarter 1 Roadmap- Full Steam Ahead

Let’s Keep this Shorter than Before
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Goal 1 – Make a monthly sketchbook for drawing challenges (without getting sued)

I work in InDesign all the time, but want to work more on making booklets and bigger projects. So my goal is to make a sellable and printable sketchbook for artists to stay more on track with monthly drawing challenges. It can be filled out digitally, and printed into two booklets and stitched together. Maybe I’ll make and sell some, but maybe it will be print-your own?

So far we have January’s Costumes and Outfits, perfect for getting out of the Jeans-and-a-T-shirt rut. February is all about flowers, with lots of favorites, and a few uncommon but easy-to-learn prompts. March, to go with March of Robots, is all about Machinery!

Each book is designed like this: the first page is divided into four blocks. The first block is for thumbnails, and there’s room for 16 of them if, so you can noodle around til you get a couple good poses and compositions. The other 3 sections are for taking your best idea and mkaing 3 to-scale comps. The facing page is the safety area, with a square grid on the inside for keeping instagram porportions and thumbnails in mind.

Goal 2 – Make a Typography (or content update) every 7 days

I have this bad habit of staying under the radar, and not sharing my work. So why not make a dedicated deadline to share stuff? Every 7 days, (the 7th, the 14th, the 21st, and the 28th) I’ll release something new like a sketch or typography. Just something small to keep the ball rolling. I’ve always wanted to make a schedule based on the multiples of 7, seems a little more unique than updates on tuesday or friday. But maybe it’ll mess with traffic too much tho?

Goal 3 – Make a sellable product like a HQ phone wallpaper every 7 days

Another thing I want to try is at the end of the month releasing 4 phone wallpapers that are available for purchase by donating to my Ko-Fi (For 3$), and individual ones on Gumroad or Etsy (for 1.50$ each). Just a way to keep things rolling by having a sellable each month.

So that’s it for now! I’ll b reorganizing my gallery to make more sense soon, cause now it’s too messy for my tastes. See you in April!

2019 Q1 summary

Last year,felt like the first good year in a while. I moved across the country to my hometown, reconnected with some very dear people, and secured a satisfying and challenging job. It also came with exciting news: I no longer have, and perhaps never did, have RA, which spells good things for my artistic career (and student loans). Though I do still prefer painting with my mind and my words than with a pencil and brush,

So this year has a lot to live up to, and so far it has been wonderful. I secured a new laptop, a 2 in 1 with 16 gigs of ram and a modern processor, for precisely how much I had saved up. My productivity is through the roof, now that my aging wacom box upstairs has about 1.0 megs of space free. That’s with a 1 terabyte xhd. I’m using Creative Cloud again, and writing regularly on a comfortable keyboard.

My recent projects have changed from the last few months. My goal for the year is to complete one draft of Trigger Warning, possibly the only book I ever want to write. I make no secret of the plain and simple fact I have Panic Disorder, but have grown through it like a sapling through a canopy above, and picked up some nifty superpowers along the way. I still want to begin a Patreon for creating content, and for that I have a new mic, a nifty Samson collapsible for narrating videos and releasing podcasts. Gnovella is on hold, but in Q2 I plan to do a weekly series on local publisher Alterna Comics by purchasing a first issue pack.

I currently have a raffle going for four free commissions, which is ongoing on facebook, twitter, and instagram. This one ends April 15, and this time the special prize is icons– everyone who buys a ticket gets a free sticker-style icon.

In less optimistic news, I’m afraid my foreign language skills have dropped to the point I no longer feel confident enough to speak. My vocabulary has retracted, and a strong whiff of stage fright and embarrassment curbs my confidence. Sadly it’s got a lot of baggage to it, and always has. Before I really got into art, I had studied language and anthropology. Certain events twisted my love of language into a hatred for misunderstandings. I still can transliterate french, and once in a while I’ll drop into a language learner program for japanese… but unless it’s for someone else, like for a job, I don’t want to… I just don’t want to.

I’ll start quarter 2 with a little mystery: I’ve found the next career move for me. It pulls to me like the moon on the tides. I’ve fallen in love with a certain book, about an Andy Warhol-obsessed teen artist looking forward to the big move to art school away from personal hurricanes. Reminds me of myself. I’m an archer taking the longest shot of her life, but all I want to do is keep my aim true.